International Service Initiatives







~The ELIMINATE Project~

With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Neonatal tetanus kills one baby every nine minutes—nearly 60,000 newborn children every year. A significant number of women also die due to maternal tetanus. The effects of the disease are excruciating—tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch.  For more information, visit the Eliminate Project website!






~Saving Lives: Six Cents Initiative~

The Six Cents Initiative is a project from UNICEF. we will help raise money for cleaner water and sanitation for people in third world countries. Six cents can provide a packet of oral rehydration salts which provides safer water for people to drink. Money raised will also go towards installation of filtration and sanitation systems in schools and communal areas.  For more information, visit the Six Cents Initiative website!

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